2017 handbook coming soon! all the answers to life will be here…..well, not really. But we will have all the important info you need about this race.

here is a bit of it to start…..

How it works

The Pumpkinhead Trail Relay is run on a course that is a combination of three independent loops; Loop A, B, and C. The trail relay is run with a standard team of 8 people or an ultra team of 4 people. Each person on the team will run each loop once (ultra team members will run each loop twice). At the start of the race runner one will start out on Loop A, once they complete that loop they will pass off the bib to runner two, who will run Loop B, then pass it off to runner three, who will run Loop C, then to runner four, who will run Loop A. This will continue on in this order until each runner has completed all three loops.

Each team will run continuously from Friday into Saturday. Each loop varies in distance and difficulty. Loop A is 2.71 miles, and is run on Pineland Farm’s Campus Loop trail. Loop B is 5.22 miles, and is run on the Oak Hill Loop. Lastly, Loop C is 8.18 miles, and is run on a few different trails, but mainly on the River Loop.


Teams will be allowed to set up a 300 square foot area to set up tents, tables, cookstoves, or any other things you would like while at the race. These areas will not be chalked out for you, but please only take the 300 square feet. There are a few rules that everyone must follow in the tenting area.

There will be no open flames. Cook stoves are allowed, but there will be no campfires in the tenting area whatsoever
No Dogs. Pineland Farms does not allow dogs on their property. If you have a dog you will be asked to take it off the property for the remainder of the race.
No Campers.
No Generators. Enjoy the noise of nature.
The Grove

The Grove is where every run starts and ends, as well as where all the fun happens. Think of the Grove as the common area. It is home to the transition tent, the music, bonfire, games, and food. No matter what loop you are headed out to run, they all start in the Grove and end at the Grove.