Standard Relay Team (5-8 Person)

run-with-friendsThe Pumpkinhead Trail Relay is run on a course that is a combination of three independent loops; Loop A, B and C. The trail relay is run with a standard team of 5-8 people.  At the start of the race runner one will start out on Loop A, once they complete that loop they will pass off the bib to runner two, who will run Loop B, then pass it off to runner three, who will run Loop C, then to runner four, who will run Loop A. This will continue on in this order until every loop has been run eight times. (With a standard team of 8 runners, this equates to each person running each loop once.)

Each team will run continuously from Friday into Saturday. Each loop varies in distance and difficulty. Loop A is 2.71 miles, and is run on Pineland Farm’s Campus Loop trail. Loop B is 5.22 miles, and is run on the Oak Hill Loop. Lastly, Loop C is 8.18 miles, and is run on a few different trails, but mainly on the River Loop.

Standard Team Registration Fee Structure:

Date Price
Until March 18, 2017 $800 + $40 processing fee
March 19, 2017 – July 16, 2017 $880 + $44 processing fee
July 17, 2017- September 8, 2017 $960 + $48 processing fee